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$1000 plus all expenses ($500 deposit required)

This is an all-day workshop geared toward performance competitors, but breeders and conformation exhibitors are always welcome. It includes presentations by Pat Hastings and by a local vet who has a special interest in working and performance dogs. Hands-on work with attendees’ dogs concludes the day.

Dogfolk publications, as well as the Puppy Puzzle DVD will be available for purchase at the workshop.

Attendance: The club determines the attendance fee.  No maximum number of attendees but a maximum of 10-12 dogs.
Host Club Responsibilities:
  • Secure a suitable facility for use from 8 am to at least 6 pm.
  • Secure the participation of a suitable local veterinarian.
  • Arrange hotel accommodations and local transportation for Mrs. Hastings.
  • Provide a litter of puppies (between 7 and 9 weeks old) for purposes of demonstrating the evaluation process.
  • Provide a grooming table, large arm, small block of cheddar cheese, riser, screen or white wall and lavalier microphone.